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flash briefing voice Dec 27, 2018


You can check out all the replays of the Agent Marketer Flash briefings by using my player below. Make sure to scroll down to see all available episodes! 

To enable the Agent Marketer Flash on your Amazon Echo device, you can click here or you can simply say "Alexa, enable the Agent Marketer Flash". 


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Expert Business Development Strategies for Agents, with Shannon Milligan


Show Notes:

The two talk about why networking events are vital for building relationships. Social media is like a CRM. Shannon separates all her Facebook friends in different columns as to whether or not she needs to work on building relationships with that person.  Every day, Shannon has goals she needs to reach on social media that leads to five meaningful conversations, and eventually one face-to-face conversation. Also, Shannon joins clubs to make connections with others. Recently, Shannon revealed to a club member that she could list her house without the help of a realtor. Overall, people put a premium on their time; individuals that offer free education without a sale will end up doing better than the person who tries to sell all their knowledge.

To win, you need to create a customer experience. If someone immediately asks how much your commission is, they only care about the money. The packages Shannon offers are a huge winner for her, and she only...

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Alexa, Delete That Crappy Email

A recent article on Marketing Land talked about What email marketers should know about Alexa’s latest feature.

The Short Stack

On Monday, Amazon announced that one of new Alexa features would be the ability to read, compose, and delete email.

Users can now decide to delete an email by merely listening to the sender and the subject line.

Alexa works with Gmail and Outlook.

My Thoughts

This service creates an easy and efficient way for consumers to manage their inbox. More importantly, it allows them to quickly delete "blind" emails and emails with canned subject lines. If you are doing the "set it and forget it" email marketing strategy this could be the final nail in the coffin for having your email opened.

Email subject lines are paramount with creating a magnet to get people to pay attention. If it doesn't attract visually, then it definitely won't attract when being spoken aloud by a voice assistant. As voice content consumption becomes more and more prevalent, it is...

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Important Facebook Pixel Update - First Party Cookies

From Facebook:

On October 24, Facebook will begin offering businesses a first-party cookie option with the Facebook pixel. This change is in line with updates made by other online platforms, as use of first-party cookies for ads and site analytics is becoming the preferred approach by some browsers.

Businesses have long relied on cookies to serve ads to relevant audiences and understand visits to their sites. Up until now, Facebook has used its pixel — powered by third-party cookies — for website analytics, ad targeting, and ad measurement. This new option will also help advertisers, publishers, and developers continue to get accurate analytics about traffic to their websites.

Why is this important?

Browsers and 3rd party tools are starting to crack down on "third-party" cookies which is what powers the Facebook Pixel. If uses are deleting these cookies, 3rd party tools are removing them, and browsers are blocking them, your facebook ad targeting strategy will suffer....

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Best Practices to Make Yourself Disruption Proof


There has been a lot of buzz the past 12 months about consolidation (M&A), dwindling production, and margin compression. After Zillow entered the game, I wrote an article for HousingWire about what that means for lenders. The response was overwhelming. On my personal channels, that piece got over 15,000 hits, adding to the few thousand that HousingWire received. Add the messages and emails, I could tell a lot of people were "nervous" about the future of the industry.

Due to the popularity of my article I recently did a follow up webinar about the best way to make yourself disruption proof in today's lending world. I have put the replay of that webinar above. 

I have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the attendees. A lot of you are nervous about what is happening and are concerned that you are not fully prepared to adapt to the changing market. 

The good news is it isn't too late. But you need to start your on your path of...

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Agents: Don't fall for the scare tactics

facebook pixel real estate Jun 11, 2018

Author: Jason Frazier

Last month I wrote an article for Breakthrough Broker called "The Power of the Pixel", which was a primer to help agents understand what the Facebook Pixel is and how they could use it. This was the start of a series of articles I am writing about using the Facebook Pixel for Real Estate. The FB Pixel has kind of turned into "my thing" in regards to providing content. I am doing a webinar for Agent Mastermind on it, I have been a guest on a few podcasts, and recently did a virtual training for eXp Agents in their eXp World online community. 

Last week a Real Estate FB trainer sent out an email to his database with the title about the Pixel being somewhat similar to mine. It obviously caught my attention and so I decided to check out the content. Now you may be thinking at this point "are you saying he copied you?" and the answer is a resounding NO. I do not think that at all. I think as a marketer he also sees the how the pixel is even more important...

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Everyone is an Influencer

branding cx influencer Apr 06, 2018

Author: Jason Frazier

When I was at Social Media Marketing World earlier last year, a lot of the meetings has some “influencer” aspect. Speakers talked about using influencers to help their branding and to help sell products for the same reason why big brands pay celebrities to endorse their product. And I get that. But one thing that nobody discussed was, that every single one of your customers IS an influencer.

Just because someone has x amount of followers, does not mean that having them on board talking about your company/product will equal more sales. In fact, it could hurt sales in certain circumstances. Unless you are doing research into who these followers are and their behavior, you are just following what I call “bucket demographics.’ Meaning, their followers are x + y so it must = z. And that just isn’t the case.

For example. My friends and I follow a social media “celeb,” because they do stupid things, and it makes us laugh....

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Don't Take the Easy Way Out on Automation & Marketing

automation cx marketing Apr 06, 2018

Author: Jason Frazier

In the Mortgage industry over the last six months, I have noticed a growing trend in automation and demographic generalization. For the most part, automation is a great tool to speed up efficiency, especially in the mortgage industry. Putting certain demographics in a generalized buckets for marketing and branding strategy is also a way to make your advertising easier. However, in my opinion both are being implemented the wrong way. 

Automation is nothing new in business, even in an archaic industry such as mine. However, recently it seems that companies just seem to think that using technology to automate the mortgage process ("The Digital Process") is the same as improving the customer experience. Insert "wrong buzzer" sound here.

Sorry, not the same thing. Creating the digital process is awesome for the transaction process. It is. But technology is NEVER a replacement for the human element in a relationship driven industry, such as mine. And that's what...

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Facebook Algorithm Changes 2018

This post is a summary of Frazier's appearance on The Onion Juice Podcast. Read below for some quick hits from the podcast and then listen in as Neil and Frazier discuss this very important topic in depth!

<You can listen to the Podcast by clicking HERE>

Have you heard that Facebook changes are on the way? It’s understandable and lots of people love the things that Facebook is going to do.

Facebook has become less of an enjoyable place for many people to spend time, and that means the people we want to engage with aren’t spending as much time there either.

Why has it become so unattractive?

It’s because of all the clickbait and irrelevant posts that wind up in Facebook feeds. But the changes Facebook is making here at the beginning of 2018 are going to help us be more effective in reaching the very people we want to connect with.

On this episode, Jason Frazier and Neil Mathweg explain why.

Facebook’s changes are aimed people, not brands. But...

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27 tips for making your social media posts more visually appealing

Author: Chelsea Peitz

  • Real estate is a visually driven industry; incorporating video can improve your marketing strategy, create brand awareness and position you as a credible local expert.

  • With the increasing adoption of live streaming video, real estate professionals can engage at scale and establish a social media or online presence with the click of a button or the start of a stream.

  • Relationship marketing is key in this industry -- it’s never been easier to connect with an audience and offer it behind-the-scenes access to who you are as a brand.

Video is shared 1,200 percent more times than links and text combined, and it drives a 157 percent increase in organic traffic from search engines (Brightcove). A powerful marketing tool, video is one of, if not the most, engaging form of content used today.

Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text, and we remember visual content longer and more often. Accessibility to ...

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