Everyone is an Influencer

branding cx influencer Apr 06, 2018

Author: Jason Frazier

When I was at Social Media Marketing World earlier last year, a lot of the meetings has some “influencer” aspect. Speakers talked about using influencers to help their branding and to help sell products for the same reason why big brands pay celebrities to endorse their product. And I get that. But one thing that nobody discussed was, that every single one of your customers IS an influencer.

Just because someone has x amount of followers, does not mean that having them on board talking about your company/product will equal more sales. In fact, it could hurt sales in certain circumstances. Unless you are doing research into who these followers are and their behavior, you are just following what I call “bucket demographics.’ Meaning, their followers are x + y so it must = z. And that just isn’t the case.

For example. My friends and I follow a social media “celeb,” because they do stupid things, and it makes us laugh. However, there is ZERO chance that we would ever buy or look at a brand differently because this person talks about it. Does that mean this holds true across all of their followers? No. However, how close do you think brands look for that depth? Not too much. This is bucket demographics. Most do what Gary V calls “Headline reading,” and just look skin deep. And if they bet wrong, this could not only waste their marketing spend; it could also hurt their brand.

Instead, the better marketing spend, in my opinion, is to invest in your customer’s experience, because each and every one of them has a sphere of influence. They have friends, family, coworkers, etc.. The more Social Mediaified our world becomes, the greater their reach will be. Just like with snapchat, this type of influence is more authentic and more engaged. In the end, your brand is what other people tell other people it is. And If you believe that, then it makes perfect sense to double down on CX. Because everyone that interacts with your brand, is an influencer.


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