Massive Agent Podcast: Using Facebook Pixels In Your Real Estate Marketing

facebook pixel podcast Mar 23, 2018

Frazier joins our good friend Dustin Brohm on the Massive Agent Podcast to talk about how, and why, Realtors and Loan Officers should be using the Facebook Pixel in their real estate marketing plan.

The Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that Facebook will provide for you (found in your Ads Manager) to embed on your website, which then tracks each visitor to each page of your website that they visit, and the actions they take. The Facebook Pixel tracking code then allows you to “remarket” to those website visitors in the form of Facebook ads in their News Feed. The pixel code just needs to be installed once, and then you’re able to track and collect data on your website visitors, and use this data to create different audiences to target with your Facebook advertising.

In this episode, Frazier did a great job thoroughly explaining his recommended strategy for agents and loan officers for using their Pixels to get more leads. This is an episode you should definitely listen to in its entirety. But in a nutshell, this strategy involves using the content of the landing page(s) where the Pixel is installed to know which audience to target with that particular content in a Facebook ad, then sending that same audience to a different relevant landing page when they click on the ad, targeting them again on Facebook (perhaps as a new audience), and trying to “close the deal” with a third landing page and ad.

Using Pixel is the equivalent of running a Facebook ad “drip” campaign without ever requiring the audience to opt-in. This is definitely something that your competitors will not want to spend the time and energy to learn how to do.  Thus, giving YOU the advantage in your market because the data you can collect is invaluable, and you can use it to get more leads in so many different ways. You just need to take the initiative to learn how these ad strategies work, and then implement them. But for now, PLEASE just get started by installing the Facebook Pixel on your website. If you do nothing else but that, you’re getting a huge leg up on your competitors.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes here or you can listen via the embedded player below.


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