Best Practices to Make Yourself Disruption Proof


There has been a lot of buzz the past 12 months about consolidation (M&A), dwindling production, and margin compression. After Zillow entered the game, I wrote an article for HousingWire about what that means for lenders. The response was overwhelming. On my personal channels, that piece got over 15,000 hits, adding to the few thousand that HousingWire received. Add the messages and emails, I could tell a lot of people were "nervous" about the future of the industry.

Due to the popularity of my article I recently did a follow up webinar about the best way to make yourself disruption proof in today's lending world. I have put the replay of that webinar above. 

I have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the attendees. A lot of you are nervous about what is happening and are concerned that you are not fully prepared to adapt to the changing market. 

The good news is it isn't too late. But you need to start your on your path of change TODAY.

The first step is to commit to learning and building upon the principals I discussed in my webinar. The second is to make sure you are with a company that believes in putting you in the best position to succeed.

As we discussed in the webinar the best companies are the ones that invest in YOU and invest in tools like Blend, SocialSurvey, MBS Highway, MortgageCoach, TotalExpert, and Modern Marketing.

Also, remember that the tools can only do so much, make sure they have the training, support, and accountability you need. 

In the end your company can only do so much. 90% of it is up to YOU! You have to be coachable, you have to want to be better, and be willing to no only adapt to change, but become a change creator. I promise that if you commit and I mean TRULY commit to executing on these principles, you will see the difference in your business.

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