Real Estate Branding: Do not be a commodity

branding podcast Mar 18, 2018

This post is a summary of Frazier's appearance on The Onion Juice Podcast. Read below for some quick hits from the podcast and then listen in as Neil and Frazier discuss this very important topic in depth!

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Most people think that branding consists of your logo and a slogan that you pitch on your website and social media.

3 Pillars of Real Estate Branding
Do your customers choose your brand first? This question gets right to the heart of branding. Branding isn’t about logos or slogans.

Branding is about forming a relationship with your customers — a relationship where they know your brand and have an idea about the experience your provide.

Do consumers know about you? If they do, do they like working with you? Lastly, but most important, do they trust you?

Commodity vs. Brand

Essentially, it is my belief that agents in the real estate industry are being commoditized with all the changes and disruption. This makes a proper branding plan even more critical. You need to stand out. Commodities are interchangeable and widely available. Brands own market share. 

Camera-first Branding

For a long time, “branding” referred to your logo and slogan or the print material your company produced. In today’s camera-first world, logos and slogans are hardly relevant anymore, certainly in the real estate world.

Consumers relate to people, not slogans.

Real Estate Branding Tools & Tips

Unlike your video and social media content, there are a two things Jason Frazier says every real estate agent NEEDS to do.

Take the time to set up a professional branded email. NO MORE FREEMAIL email addresses!

Get your own website in addition to your broker bio page. 

Episode Outline

[7:45] Neil introduces Jason Frazier
[10:30] The 3 pillars of branding
[13:00] How a strong brand can help you build trust
[17:15] Commodity vs. brand
[21:15] Why your “about page” is the most important page on your website
[26:45] Adopt a professional approach
[30:30] Jason explains G Suite software


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