Expert Business Development Strategies for Agents, with Shannon Milligan


Show Notes:

The two talk about why networking events are vital for building relationships. Social media is like a CRM. Shannon separates all her Facebook friends in different columns as to whether or not she needs to work on building relationships with that person.  Every day, Shannon has goals she needs to reach on social media that leads to five meaningful conversations, and eventually one face-to-face conversation. Also, Shannon joins clubs to make connections with others. Recently, Shannon revealed to a club member that she could list her house without the help of a realtor. Overall, people put a premium on their time; individuals that offer free education without a sale will end up doing better than the person who tries to sell all their knowledge.

To win, you need to create a customer experience. If someone immediately asks how much your commission is, they only care about the money. The packages Shannon offers are a huge winner for her, and she only...

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Facebook Algorithm Changes 2018

This post is a summary of Frazier's appearance on The Onion Juice Podcast. Read below for some quick hits from the podcast and then listen in as Neil and Frazier discuss this very important topic in depth!

<You can listen to the Podcast by clicking HERE>

Have you heard that Facebook changes are on the way? It’s understandable and lots of people love the things that Facebook is going to do.

Facebook has become less of an enjoyable place for many people to spend time, and that means the people we want to engage with aren’t spending as much time there either.

Why has it become so unattractive?

It’s because of all the clickbait and irrelevant posts that wind up in Facebook feeds. But the changes Facebook is making here at the beginning of 2018 are going to help us be more effective in reaching the very people we want to connect with.

On this episode, Jason Frazier and Neil Mathweg explain why.

Facebook’s changes are aimed people, not brands. But...

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Massive Agent Podcast: Using Facebook Pixels In Your Real Estate Marketing

facebook pixel podcast Mar 23, 2018

Frazier joins our good friend Dustin Brohm on the Massive Agent Podcast to talk about how, and why, Realtors and Loan Officers should be using the Facebook Pixel in their real estate marketing plan.

The Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that Facebook will provide for you (found in your Ads Manager) to embed on your website, which then tracks each visitor to each page of your website that they visit, and the actions they take. The Facebook Pixel tracking code then allows you to “remarket” to those website visitors in the form of Facebook ads in their News Feed. The pixel code just needs to be installed once, and then you’re able to track and collect data on your website visitors, and use this data to create different audiences to target with your Facebook advertising.

In this episode, Frazier did a great job thoroughly explaining his recommended strategy for agents and loan officers for using their Pixels to get more leads. This is an episode you should...

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Real Estate Branding: Do not be a commodity

branding podcast Mar 18, 2018

This post is a summary of Frazier's appearance on The Onion Juice Podcast. Read below for some quick hits from the podcast and then listen in as Neil and Frazier discuss this very important topic in depth!

< You can listen to the Podcast by clicking  HERE >

Most people think that branding consists of your logo and a slogan that you pitch on your website and social media.

3 Pillars of Real Estate Branding
Do your customers choose your brand first? This question gets right to the heart of branding. Branding isn’t about logos or slogans.

Branding is about forming a relationship with your customers — a relationship where they know your brand and have an idea about the experience your provide.

Do consumers know about you? If they do, do they like working with you? Lastly, but most important, do they trust you?

Commodity vs. Brand

Essentially, it is my belief that agents in the real estate industry are being commoditized with all the...

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