Be First, Be Fast, Be Found

We are living in a noisy digital world that changes quickly. We focus on helping you get to the consumer first, show you how to adapt fast, and most of important of all we help your brand be found.



We either create the change we want or outside disrupters will create it for us. Be a change creator and take advantage of the endless opportunities the internet age has given to us. There has never been a better time to be in this business.


The consumer doesn't care about the way things used to be. The market doesn't care either. You cannot be romantic about how you used to market yourself if you want to move forward with a brand that stands out to the modern consumer. 


New listing? Rates? Are you looking to buy? Sell? It is time to stop with the "instant ask" marketing. It is time to understand what your audience wants and add value from the start. Make it about them and win their attention.


Barry Habib, Founder of MBS Highway and industry icon.

"Josh and Jason of Shred are the future of this industry."

This Is Not For Tire Kickers

This is for the 10% of you who want to commit to growing your business

Here is what you will learn, but first a little Real Talk.

Let's be honest. A lot of professionals in our industry are not going to make it through the shift happening right now. Call it disruption, change, or whatever, the point is that you cannot have the "business as usual" mentality. 90% of your colleagues won't adapt their business or learn knew ways of generating business. It is a shame, but it is the truth and there lies your opportunity to grab market share. Regardless of market conditions, there WILL BE plenty of business for those brands that are relevant to the modern consumer. 

Now the question is, will you be the 10% that grabs that opportunity?

Don't let this be another program or tool that you don't use. If you tend to "donate" money to systems and apps as opposed to getting what you paid for, then the Shred Mastermind isn't for you. Our program is for people who truly want to build a disruption proof business, who are driven, who are coachable, and don't fall back on excuses on why they can't do something. If that is who you are, then keep reading.

To be successful in our mastermind:

  • Ask questions
  • You have to be driven
  • You have an "A-Player" mentality
  • You want to be different
  • You have to be willing to put in the work
  • You HAVE to be COACHABLE 
  • You HAVE to EXECUTE on what you learn

What are action plans cover:

  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Creating Brand
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Voice Marketing
  • Visual Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Selling
  • Social Media Marketing

We want everyone in our program to succeed and grow their business. This will only happen if you execute and commit to the program. 

This simple fact is that in today's real estate landscape you need to grab attention and create impact to be relevant of your audience. This is how you beat disruption. 


Don't wait until it is too late to be the 10%! If you are ready then we are ready!


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